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Edu 315

Bachelor of Science in Education
Edu315 - The Bachelor of Science in Education/Elementary (BSEd/E) is an undergraduate degree program preparing candidates for teacher licensure. The guiding philosophy of the BSEd/E program is to provide students with the skills and knowledge that will allow them to become competent and effective educators. This program focuses on elementary student learning by developing the skills of the educator responsible for that learning. Student teaching is an integral component of the Teacher Education Program.
Edu 315 - It provides students with a field-based experience at the appropriate grade and content level. Student teachers work with a cooperating teacher from a school site and with a University of Phoenix faculty advisor. The student teaching experience is designed to emphasize the achievement of state standards leading to certification and to present individuals with growth opportunities that best prepare them to assume the duties of a certified classroom teacher. Throughout the program, students are required to complete a minimum of 100 hours of verified field experiences, covering a variety of developmental levels.
Iscom370 - The focus of each observation will relate to specific course content. Documentation will be maintained in the student’s professional portfolio. These courses fulfill only part of the 120-minimum-credit requirement for degree completion (124 for Kansas students).

EDU 301 Foundations of Education
Iscom 370 - This course introduces students to the teaching profession. Historical foundations, professionalism, the role of technology, and trends and issues in education are introduced. Students will examine personal reasons for wanting to teach and will create a personal philosophy of education. (3 credits) Prerequisites: GEN 200 and EDU 300.

Edu 315
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